Sacred Feminine Full Moon Ritual- Working with the Goddess Satis- By Melanie June

Full Moon Goddess Ritual- Working with the Goddess Satis- By Melanie June


When working with the full moon, many people are often drawn to work with what they want to bring into fruition. However sometimes in order to manifest, we need to let go of the past to create space for something new to be birthed, whether it be a new relationship, a child or even a new project.

I’ve written a Sacred Feminine ritual working with the beautiful Egyptian Goddess Satis, The Goddess of Fertility and creation. 

There will be a full moon in Scorpio on Sunday 19th of May, in Australia, which is for great inner transformation and letting go.

 When working with clients, I often find the sacral chakra is one of the main areas for women that needs a lot of clearing and healing. As women, we often carry many present and ancient wounds in this area and in the womb in general. The Sacral chakra is also connected with the element of water and our emotions, which is why I’ve chosen to create this ritual in the bath. Relaxing in a bathtub, also produces a nurturing feeling akin to being in the womb.

For women that have experienced trauma, painful relationships or physical trauma in this area, it can feel like a heavy burden carrying around. We store unprocessed pain, trauma and the energy from previous relationships in our sacral chakra. This chakra is connected with creativity, emotions, feelings, intimacy, relationships, sexuality and sensuality.

As much as we can want to let the past go, developing emotional or physical intimacy or being open to new love, sometimes even the thought can even be overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be that way, however. Difficult relationships and experiences can often be quite damaging to our self-esteem, so it’s important to fill up our own well and never allow others to determine our worth.

In theme with this, I’ve also placed an emphasis on healing the heart in this ritual. If we can heal our inner temple and radiate self-love, we are much more likely to attract our ideal partner, if that’s what we are seeking or manifest or whatever it is we are trying to birth into creation.


The Goddess Satis, is also very much connected with water, one of her important roles was as the goddess of the inundation (the yearly flooding of the Nile). The Ancient story goes that on the “Night of the Teardrop” The Goddess Isis would shed a single tear, which was caught by Satis and poured into the Nile, causing the inundation. Satis is also a guardian of the Nile Cataracts and would also purify the deceased with healing waters from the river Nile.



A picture of the Goddess Satis. I’ve used an oracle card from the beautiful Auset Egyptian Oracle, by Elisabeth Jensen. Otherwise a print out from the internet will suffice.

A Orange wish candle

Frankincense resin

Frankincense essential oil

A Charcoal disc

Pink Himalayan or Epsom Salts

A Carnelian and Nuummite crystal

I’ve also used rose quartz and sunstone crystals in this ritual, however I suggest you go with what feels right for you and what you have on hand. 

*The most important thing is intention, so if you don’t have all the ingredients or can’t get them make the most with what you have.




Draw a warm bath, infused with pink Himalayan salt or Epsom salts. Place 6 to 8 drops of a good quality Frankincense or Ylang-ylang essential oil in the water.

Burn some frankincense .

 Sit in quiet meditative state. Contemplate what it is you would like to let go of this evening, holding your orange wish candle.

Place your candle back on your altar and light it.

 Write down on a piece of paper anything you would like to let go of.

When you have written down all you would like to release you may burn it safely and feel that energy being burned away. Alternatively, dispose of the paper the next time you are out.

Place your focus back at the altar and with Satis.


Dear Satis,


Please grace me with your divine presence tonight.

Connect with my heart, I’m ready to let go.

I’m ready to embody the sacred femininity of my being.

Transmute all that is heavy and shine your radiant light through me. 

May I be purified, cleansed and connect with the truth of my light.

Bless these healing waters, wash away all I need not carry,

Cleanse me, purify me, so I radiate like the sun.

Any anger fades, any heartache dissipates,

I return to wholeness and I will love again.

My creativity soars, I know my worth, 

I chose to step forth and will walk my path.

New beginnings are birthed, and I will shine again,

My self-love blossoms, more each day.

What once was, is no longer now, 

Any scars are lifted and become a distant memory. 

Seasons change, veils are lifted, 

These stories we tell, will not be me.

My temple is mine, that requires an invitation,

I let go of all, that isn’t good for me to hold.

I emerge like a wave, with the courage of the sea, 

New seeds are planted, and flowers will grow.

I forgive you, all of you, for every experience I have endured,

In the darkest hour, strength and resilience is born.

I reclaim my power and I am now free, 

I carry the wisdom and happy I will be.

 With harm to none, so mote it be.


Feel and visualise yourself, happy, content and confident, totally free from the weight of the past. Really feel how good it feels and know it will manifest. Allow your candle to burn all the way out.

Step into the bath and get comfortable.

Place your hands over your sacral chakra located at your lower abdomen, allowing the healing energy of Satis to go through you. Hold this for at least ten minutes and then repeat over your heart chakra.

Spend a good amount of time in the bath, allowing yourself to release any emotions that come up.

Thank Satis for her healing. Write down any messages that may have come through.

Place fresh clothes on, now your energy has been cleansed and renewed.


If you try this ritual, I’d love to hear how you go!


Love and Light,


Melanie June x



Melanie June, is a healer that offers a range of transformative therapies to help you let go of what isn’t serving you and bring you into alignment. If you would like to schedule a one on one session, contact Melanie at